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Restaurants In Williamstown MA, Indian Restaurants Williamstown MA, Indian Restaurants In The Berkshires, Indian Food Williamstown MA, Dining Williamstown MA
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If you have a food allergy, please inform your server

Spices have been India's trademark for centuries; their use is described in Sanskrit texts over 3,000 years old. How they are used though, varies and is quite striking from one region to another.

At Spice Root Indian Restaurant, you can enjoy dishes and specialties from all over India. Spice Root serves authentic Indian food featuring both Southern and Northern specialties.

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Non-Vegetarian Box: - $13.95
(Choice of Sauce with Chicken)
Vegetarian Box: - $11.95
(Choice of Sauce with Vegetable)
Non-Vegetarian: - $14.95
Chicken (YOU SELECT)
Chana Masala, Basmati Rice, Nan Bread
Salad, Fryams
Vegetarian: - $12.95
Vegetable (YOU SELECT)
Chana Masala, Basmati Rice, Nan Bread
Salad, Fryams

Restaurant Take Out (No Minimum Order), and Catering Available ...Plus A Full Bar.



Papad - (Three Pieces)  (Gluten Free)

$  3.25

Lentil wafers served with onion relish and mint chutney
Bhajia  (Gluten Free) $  5.95
Vegetable fritters
Samosa (Not Gluten Free) $  5.75
Triangular pastries stuffed with spiced potatoes, green peas
Meat Samosa $  6.95
Triangular pastries stuffed with minced lamb, green peas
Ragara Patties $  8.50
Spiced potato patties layered with chick peas, yogurt, tamarind, mint chutney
Kalmi Kabob - (HOT) $  9.95
Chicken wings marinated and grilled in clay oven
Roti Canai - (A MUST TRY) (Not Gluten Free) $  9.95
Coconut chicken curry, pan grilled bread
Baghari Jhinga $  9.95
Tangy shrimp, creamy tomato sauce, mustard seeds, curry leaves
Spice Root Samosa Chaat (Not Gluten Free) $  8.50
Samosa layered with chick peas and tangy chutneys
Spice Root Veggie Platter $10.95
A milange of vegetable fritters, samosa
Spice Root Meat Platter (Not Gluten Free) $13.95
A milange of kalmi kabob, meat samosa, chicken tikka, lamb kabob


Nan - (Leavened White Flour Bread)
$  4.00
Garlic & cilantro, or onion & bell pepper, or rosemary
$  4.50
Honey & sesame or nuts & raisins or cheese or sugar & cinnamon
$  4.50
Bullet Nan - (Hot) $  4.75
Paratha - (Multilayered Whole Wheat Bread)
$  5.00
With spiced potato
$  5.50
With mint
$  5.50
Poori $  5.50
Puffy Deep Fried Bread
Roti $  4.20
Non-Fat Whole Wheat Bread

(Served with Nan Bread, Rice & Choice of Mango Ice Cream or Rice Pudding)

Chicken Malai Kabob $10.95
Mozzarella Sticks $10.95
Chicken Nuggets $10.95


Mulligatawny Soup $  5.50
Tangy lentil soup
Spinach Soup $  5.50
Spinach, touch of ginger & cream
Coconut Corn Soup $  5.50
Flavored with mustard seeds and mild herbs
Chick Peas Salad $  5.50
Lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, cucumber, garlic croutons, yogurt tamarind dressing
Raita - (A Yogurt Relish) $  3.25
Pickle - (Lemon or Mango) $  3.25
Mango Chutney $  3.25
Mint Chutney 1.25
Tamarind Chutney 1.25
Onion Chutney 1.25
Brown Rice 3.25
Basmati Rice $  2.25

(Grilled in a clay oven)
Add Steamed Veggies For $4.00 To Your Entrie

Chicken Tandoori $17.95
Chicken on the bone, marinated overnight, grilled
Chicken Tikka $18.95
Boneless chicken breast, yogurt, ginger, garlic marinade and grilled
Shrimp Kabob $21.95
Grilled shrimp, mild marinade, dash of saffron
Chicken Malai Kabob $18.95
Grilled chicken breast, very mild marinade, ginger, white pepper
Pudina Boti Kabob $23.95
Grilled lamb chunks in minty marinade


Coconut Rice $  5.95
Flavored with mustard seed, coconut and mild herbs
Lemon Rice $  5.95
Flavored with mustard seeds, lemon and chana lentils
Cumin Rice $  5.95
Fresh mixed cumin and dried spices
Vegetable Puleo $  7.95
Fresh mixed vegetables sauteed with rice.
Biryani - (Medium Hot)
Cooked with mint, rose water, nuts, raisins & mild spices

Vegetable...$14.95     Chicken...$16.95     Lamb...$18.95     Shrimp...$19.95

We use no animal stock or dairy products in these dishes

Aloo Gobi $14.95
Potato and cauliflower, tempered turmeric, ginger & coriander
Aloo Baingan $14.95
Eggplant and potatoes, onions, ginger, hint of fenugreek leaves
Aloo Matar $14.95
Sautied potatoes and peas in tomato and onion sauce
Tofu Jalfrezi $14.95
Tofu, carrots, bell peppers, cauliflowers, onions sautied in a mild tangy sauce
Tofu Sag $14.95
Tofu in mild spinach sauce with a touch of ginger and garlic
Kadhai Bhindi Aloo $14.95
Fresh Okra and potatoes sautied, onions, bell peppers, tempered fenugreek leaves
Dal Sag $14.95
Yellow lentils, spinach, garlic, cumin and ginger
Vegetable Coconut $14.95
Mix vegetables in coconut milk, mustard seeds, curry leaves
Chana Sag $14.95
Spinach and chick peas, hint of ginger, tomato and onion sauce
Chana Masala $14.95
Chickpeas, fresh tomato sauce, hint of ginger, coriander

Add Mix Veggies For $4.00 To Your Entree

Malai Kofta $14.95
Vegetable dumplings, velvety almond cashew sauce, tempered raisins
Sabji Malai $14.95
Cauliflower, eggplant, potatoes, ginger infused spinach sauce
Sag Paneer $15.95
Paneer cheese tossed in mild spinach sauce
Matar Paneer $15.95
Paneer cheese and green peas, fresh tomato, tempered onions, cumin, ginger
Vegetable Masala $14.95
Fresh vegetables, delicious creamy tomato sauce
Dal Makhani $14.95
Black lentils simmered in herbs & spices
Navratan (nine jewels) Korma $14.95
Eclectic mix of vegetables, fruits, paneer cheese, nuts, raisins in creamy sauce
Vegetable Vindaloo - (Hot Hot) $14.95
Garden mix vegetables, in hot and tangy sauce
Eggplant Masala $15.95
Fresh eggplant, delicious creamy tomato sauce
Paneer Masala $15.95
Paneer cottage cheese, delicious creamy tomato sauce

Add Mix Veggies For $4.00 To Your Entree

Chicken $16.95
Shrimp $19.95
Lamb - (Halal) $18.95
Salmon $19.95
Tikki Masala
Cooked in a delicious creamy tomato sauce
Mango Wala
Curried mango, ginger and mint sauce
Marinated and cooked in a rich and creamy cashew, raisins, almond sauce
Prepared with potatoes, mustard seeds, dry red chilly in curried coconut sauce
Sag Wala - (Salmon not recommended with this dish)
Mildly spiced, creamy spinach sauce and a hint of ginger
Dopiaza - (Salmon not recommended with this dish)
Sautied with bell peppers, onions and dried spices
Jalfrezi - (Medium Hot) (Salmon not recommended with this dish)
Marinated and sautied with cauliflower, carrots, bell peppers, onions and ginger in tangy sauce
Vindaloo - (Hot Hot)
Prepared in very hot tangy sauce (A specialty from Goa India)
Home Spice Curry - (Medium Hot - Mom's Recipe)
Onion & tomato sauce, tempered ginger and fresh coriander

Add Veggies For $4.00 To Your Entree

Chef's Special Grilled Lamb Chops $28.95
New Zealand rack of lamb, marinated overnight in coriander, sour cream, peppercorn, ground spices
Tandoori Medley $25.95
A Milange of kabobs: chicken tikka, chicken tandoori, shrimp, lamb, chicken malai
Medley - (Chicken, lamb and shrimp cooked in a sauce of your choice) $21.95

Delicious creamy tomato sauce
Rich cashew, raisins, almond sauce
Coconut sauce, tempered mustard seeds, curry leaves
Vindaloo - (Hot Hot)
Tangy sauce
Sautied in aromatic basmati rice, mint, nuts, raisins

For Traditional Students Only With ID
Served with Nan and Rice.

VEGAN ...$14.95

Aloo Gobi
Potatoes & cauliflower sautéed
Aloo Baingan
Potatoes & eggplant sautéed
Vegetable Coconut
Sautéed in coconut sauce
Chana Sag
Chick peas in a mild spinach sauce

VEGETARIAN ...$14.95

Sag Paneer
Paneer cheese, mild spinach sauce
Malai Kofta
Vegetable dumplings, velvety almond sauce
Vegetable Korma
Cashews, raisins almond sauce
Vegetable Masala
Delicious creamy tomato sauce
Veg Biryani
Veggies sautéed in aromatic basmati rice, nuts, raisins, mint

CHICKEN ...$15.95 OR LAMB ...$16.95

Tikki Masala
Delicious creamy tomato sauce
Rich cashews, raisins, almond sauce
Sag Wala
Mild spinach sauce
Home Spice Curry
Tomato & onion sauce
Wrapped in aromatic basmati rice, nuts, raisins, mint
Mango Wala
Mild mango & mint sauce curry
Chicken Tandoori
Grilled chicken on the bone marinated overnight

SHRIMP ...$17.95

Tikka Masala
Delicious creamy tomato sauce
Curried coconut milk sauce, potatoes & mustard seeds
Sag Wala
Mild spinach sauce
Wrapped in aromatic basmati rice, nuts, raisins, mint


Chardonnay $  7.95
Pinot Grigio $  7.95
Shiraz Black Opel $  8.50
Cabernet $  7.95
Merlot $  7.95
White Zinfandel $  7.95
Special Wine of The Day $  9.50
Monteivna White Zinfandel ...(California) $30.00
Estrella Chardonnay ...(California) $33.00
Alisa Pino Grigio ...(Italy) $34.00
Sauvignon Blanc ...(Chile) $36.00
Bollini Pino Grigio ...(Italy) $40.00
B&B Chardonnay ...(California) $41.00
Macon-Villages Chardonnay ...(France) $43.00
Diva Chianti ...(Italy) $30.00
Estrella Cabernet ...(California) $33.00
Shiraz Black Opal ...(Australia) $35.00
Woodbridge Cabernet ...(California) $37.00
Casillero Del Diablo ...(Chile) $39.00
Deloach Zinfandel ...(California) $40.00
B&B Pinot Noir ...(California) $41.00
Benzinger Cabernet ...(Samona County) $43.00
Moet Chandon Brut $70.00
Bouvet Brut $39.00
Irish Coffee ...(Coffee & Jameson Whiskey) $  9.95
Kashmir Fling ...(Coffee, Cointreau, Cognac) $  9.95
Royal Bombay ...(Coffee, Vodka, Galliano) $  9.95
Bengal Tiger ...(Coffee, Sambuca, Kahlua) $  9.95
Taj Mahal (22oz) ...(India) $10.95
King Fisher ...(India) $  5.95
Amstel Light ...(Holland) $  5.00
Heineken ...(Holland) $  5.00
New Castle Brown ...(England) $  5.00
Corona ...(Mexico) $  5.00
Pilsner Urquell ...(Czech) $  5.00
Berkshire Ale (22oz) ...(USA) $10.50
Coors Light ...(USA) $  4.75
Budweiser ...(USA) $  4.75
Haakebeck (Non Alcoholic) ...(Germany) $  4.75
Sam Adams ...(USA) $  5.00
Sierra Nevada ...(USA) $  5.00
Lassi (yogurt smoothie in different flavors)
Mango Lassi
$  4.50
Strawberry Lassi
$  4.50
Rose Lassi
$  4.50
Sweet Lassi $  4.50
Ginger Lemonade $  4.50
Juices $  3.50
Sodas $  2.75
Masala Chai $  3.25
Indian tea leaves, ginger, cardamom, milk
Tea $  2.50
Coffee/Decaf $  2.50
Herb/Decaf Tea $  2.75


Kheer $ 4.95
Saffron rice pudding with nuts and raisins
Gulab Jamun $ 4.95
Warm and soft browned milk dumplings soaked in cardamom flavored sweet sauce
Carrot Pudding $ 4.95
Warm pudding of shredded carrots reduced in milk with nuts and raisins
Mango Kulfi $ 4.95
Traditional creamy ice cream made with pulp of imported Alfonzo mangoes

Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy

Consuming raw or undercooked shellfish, seafood, poultry, eggs or meat may increase risk of food borne illness


Restaurants In Williamstown MA, Indian Restaurants Williamstown MA, Indian Restaurants In The Berkshires, Indian Food Williamstown MA, Dining Williamstown MA
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